Guide to Career Pivoting

Stuck at a crossroads?

You look up ahead at the next job title, the next incremental salary increase, and you're uninspired, and disillusioned by it all.

You've stopped learning. You're no longer developing worthwhile skills. You don't see the impact of your work. You know your potential is being underutilized. 

You don't enjoy your day-to-day. You're over the bureaucratic politics and red tape. You're not inspired by the people you're surrounded by. You're not experiencing personal or professional growth.

It's clear, you've reached a career plateau, a dead end. 

It happens, especially to entrepreneurial types.

As an entrepreneurial type, you're growth-oriented. You want to play a significant role in building something meaningful. You want a craft that's worth mastering. But you're not exactly sure what. You don't have a vision for 'what's next'. 

This is where most of us get stuck.

We want to see the whole plan mapped out in front of us. We think we have to take enormous leaps. We underestimate the power of pivoting.

Pivoting gives you a methodical yet flexible compass for uncovering 'what's next'.

Answering the 'what's next' question is essential to getting unstuck. But trying to do this out of thin air is agonizing. I’ve been there.

Through a combination of personal experience and intensive research, I’ve come up with a guide that will help you uncover 'what's next'.

Your entrepreneurial career pivot could include...

  • Honing in on a business or side project you’re meant to the build.
  • Creating a consulting or freelancing opportunity that’ll allow you to design your life. 
  • Finding a bridge job where you can cultivate entrepreneurial skills while padding your financial runway.
  • Identifying a startup or an 'intrepreneurial' opportunity that's worth going all in on.

    Likewise, if you’ve already taken the leap but for whatever reason, it’s not working, this guide will help you evaluate the best next step for you.

    This 5-step series is designed to help you make your pivot, and get unstuck:

    STEP NO. 1 | Hindsighting 

    STEP NO. 2 | Insighting

    STEP NO. 3 | Foresighting

    STEP NO. 4 | Thinking Forward 

    STEP NO. 5 | Making Your Pivot

    *click into each link to access the material

    Each step requires your time and focus. It’s best to pace yourself and complete the series when you can be fully engaged.

    By the end of the series, I hope you uncover what’s next for you. Better yet, I hope you’re able to take actionable steps to make your pivot.

    Though, I also know getting unstuck isn’t as simple as following a step-by-step guide.

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    Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial and personal growth journey, I'm here for you. It’s my mission to get you unstuck.

    Dara Elliott, Founder of Brevity Brand | Made for Women by Women 

    Dara Elliott, Career Coach for Entrepreneurial Types